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Habonim - Pneumatic actuators with 4 pistons

  • Sizes: C15 - C75
  • Torque Output: 10 Nm - 2,600 Nm (81 in-lb -23,800 in-lb)
  • Air Supply Connection: Namur G1 / 4"
  • Possibility of top mounting: Namur VDI / VDE 3845
  • Valve mounting: ISO 5211, DIN 3337
  • Quality Standards: ISO 9001
  • Certifications: ATEX 94-9-EC approved for category 2
  • Other features: Space-saving, fast-acting, superior corrosion resistance.
  • 8-12 spring combinations for different operations pressures.
  • Less air consumption, Less wear, Highly visible indicator and a puck flow direction arrow.

TwistMax actuators

Twistmax is designed for among others, our Hy-Lok ball valves and the stainless steel housing give a beautiful and distinctive compact look.

TWISTMax actuators are pneumatically operated and their special design guarantees increased life cycle and reliability. They are designed for mounting on all types of ball valves, butterfly valves or other valves that open and close at ¼ "intervals.

TWISTMax can be supplied with either double-acting or spring-loaded versions and control accessories. They are supplied both in normally open (N.O) and normally closed (N.C) mode. The compact size and superior torque make TWISTMax perfect in tight enclosures, machines, instrumentation and more. The actuator is light and therefore suitable. not only for metal valves, but also for plastic valves.

The TWISTMax quarter-turn motor has a long life-span - tested for more than one million cycles under load. It uses 30% less air compared to other actuators.

Nutork eletric and air controlled actuators.

NUTORK CORP. manufactures a wide range of pneumatic actuators, electric actuators and accessories for air-controlled actuators such as limit switch, solenoid valves, manual override etc. Nutork products are typically used in the oil and gas industry, refining, petrochemical and chemical processing, food, pharmaceutical production, HVAC, power plants, waste water treatment and many other places.

All pneumatic actuators are certified by CE-ATEX, DNV and all electric actuators are certified by CE, SGS

View datasheet on the electric NTE series or more at


Power-Genex Ltd. manufactures Electro-Pneumatic Valve Positioners, Pneumatic-Pneumatic Valve Positioners, "Smart" Valve Positioners.

In addition, a lot of different valve accessories such as limit switch boxes, position transmitters, air filter regulators and air boosters, all in the global name: POWER-GENEX.

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