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Industrial Gas

Hy-Lok Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok double clamp fittings that resist pressure shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

Available in complete program in stainless steel. black steel and brass and other alloys.

Available in sizes from 2mm to 38mm (1/16" to 2"). Hy-lok fittings are perfect for industrial gas applications. Keeps tight - up to pipe breaks.

Ball Valves

Ball Valves

We carry a very wide selection of ball valves.

Hy-Lok ball valves with thread or Hy-Lok clamping fittings in sizes from 2mm to 38mm (1/16" to 2") .

For the more demanding tasks or larger dimension we can offer Habonim ball valves. These valves can be bowed for a wide variety of special purposes, e.g. extreme pressure and temperature or manufactured in materials for aggressive environments.

Weld fittings

Weld fittings

Weld fittings from either Hy-Lok, Rotarex or our own PGF brand.

Available in different qualities and purities.

Materials in 316 / 316l, SM6L or even VV6L. Available in sizes from 2mm to 38mm (1/8" to 2").



Vi fører et meget bredt udvalg af regulatorer. Vi forhandler regulatorer fra Rotarex

Pressure-Tech and GO and can therefore match the vast majority of needs in the market. If the requirements are higher than the normal industrial gas, we can also supply a broad program within UHP regulators.

Read more on our regulator side or send us an inquiry via one of our "Inquiry forms"



Hoses are supplied as 100% metal hoses, teflon hoses with steel mesh or pure PTFE / PFA hoses.

We carry most plastic sizes and get metal hoses made to measure.

Hoses are also cleaned for cleaners or the more demanding industrial gases.

Tubing & Clamps

Tubing & Clamps

PG Flowteknik carry a very wide range of stainless seamless and annealed tubes in both metric and empty dimensions.

The sizes start at 1.59mm OD (1 / 16" OD) and end at 42mm OD. Larger sizes can be supplied in stained and annealed materials.

Of course we also have the pipe holders to hang up the pipes.

DIN – CGA flasketilsutninger

DIN – CGA Bottle Connections

Bottle connections DIN, CGA, DISS, JIS, BS, NF

Bottle connections can be a difficult need to crack but we have the full program for both HP and UHP gases. We can supply both European and American standard bottles and end up with imperial and metric welding nozzles, Face seal fittings as well as NPT.

Materials include the standards: 316L MOD VAR, 316L LS, Brass It is also possible to get Hastelloy®, Nickel - Customized customer solutions are also possible if they are not among these standard solutions.

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