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Measurement Gauges

Bourdon-Haenni gauges

Bourdon Haenni from Baumer group is the newest addition in PG Flowteknik Scandinavias product portfoilio.

Products are manufactured in France and Switcherland and has a quality that sets the highest standards on the market. Bourdin-Hainni has just renewed and expanded their warehouse facilities, which means lead times are among the fastest for specialty quality gauges.

Bourdon-haunni is on the way with a new website but until then this configurator can be used for Your next high quality Gauge. View the different products, stock lists and prices HERE. Prices are indicative.

Bourdon Haenni MEX series

High quality gauge for corrosive gasses and liquids - and many other applications.

The MEX series is suitable for corrosive gases and liquids or other places where you want a high-quality pressure gauge.

The pressure gauge is for fast delivery in 4 standard configurations and a lot of pressure steps. However, it is almost only the imagination that sets the limits for the "options" the manometer can be supplied with.

Bourdon-Haenni MIT series

The economic pressure gauge - stocked for Co2 refrigeration systems.

The Bourdon-Haenni MIT Series is the economic all-round gauge. Media-affected parts are in brass / copper while the housing is in stainless steel 304.

PG Flowteknik stocks these gauges in 0-40, 70 and 100bar for day to day delivery

DPG Series Digital Gauge

DPG is a precise digital manometer that measures ± 1% accuracy (± 0.5% in a special edition).

With a simple 2 button operation, the manometer is very easy to operate. There is a reset function and backlight that turns on when the power button is pressed.

The pressure gauge has a 316L welded diaphragm seal and a protective rubber jacket as standard. Living up to ASME B40.100 and RoHS

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