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Flexible Metal hoses

Flexible metal hoses are made in custom lengths , and are ideal for installations where extreme temperatures or hazardous medias can challenge.

As the hose are made of stainless steel, they have thereby also increasing compatibility in relation to various chemicals and gases.

Last but not least, hoses are fire resistant and very durable due to the flex braid around the inner tube. For even tougher environments it is also possible to get double braided mesh around the metal hose, making it able to stand higher pressure and more durable.

We also have a hose consist of a PTFE inner tube and a single or double-braided stainless steel on the outside.

PFA/Teflon hoses

We have PFA and Teflon hoses in many sizes for many purposes.

Very ideal for use with Hy-Lok two ferrule fittings.

The PFA and Teflon has almost the same chemical resistant but the PFA product is a bit more flexible and more transparent than teflon.

“Push On” Fittings

Hy-Lok "push-on" hose fittings eliminate the need for hose clamps while providing a lot of opportunities to lead the hose on.

This can be compression fittings, angles unions and others.

Hose connectors

Hy-Lok's hose connectors provides easy installation with soft plastic or rubber hoses.

Hose connections are available in sizes up to 3/4" in brass or stainless steel. The connectors can be supplied with threads Tube adapters or Hy-Lok two ferrule compression fitting.

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