Hy-Lok Q serie Quick Connectors

- Very easy to use
- Minimum equipment shutdown.
- No tools required to make or break a connection.
- No probability of cross threading, galling, under or over-tightening.
- Interchangeable with same type of Swagelok , Parker, Eloke and
TOMCO components.
- Single End Shut Off (SESO) - This Quick Connector style features
Body Only Shut off. Stem is open to atmosphere when disconnected.
- Double End Shut Off (DESO) - This Quick Connector style features
both body and stem shut off at disconnection with a minimal amount
of spillage and air inclusion.
- Sizes from 1/8" to 1/2" BSP/NPT threads and Hy-Lok Twin ferrule fittings.


Hy-Lok Q serie - keyed Quick Connectors

- The keyed connectors can prevent accidents caused by intermixing non compatible fluids and gases.
- In addition to being color coded, keyed connectors feature a mechanical step making intermixing quick connectors and media virtually impossible.


Hy-Lok QF Serie Quick Connectors

- Compact design and full flow without any orifice restriction.
- O -ring is easily replaceable.
- No possibility of cross threading, galling, under-tightening, or overtightening.
- 1/8" - 1" Connections.



Dixon Quick Connectors

Stainless stell 316 and 303, steel, brass am.
With or without valve, no spill, ball
1/8" - 2 1/2" gevind.
Max workingpressure up to 760bar