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Hy-Lok Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok Tube Fittings

Hy-Lok double clamp fittings that resist pressure shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

Available in complete program in stainless steel. black steel and brass and other alloys. Available in sizes from 2mm to 38mm (1/16" to 2").

Hy-lok clamping fittings are not a sanitary fitting but are often used for instrumentation on production in the pharmaceutical industry.

GEA Breconcherry tankwashers

GEA Breconcherry tankwashers

Tankwashers from GEA Breconcherry are ideal for both pharmaceutical and food industry.

Gea Breconcherry designs and manufactures the market's largest range of tank cleaners and spray balls for interior cleaning of process tanks, storage tanks, chemical reactors and transport containers.

Habonim TuBore™ ball valve

Habonim TuBore™ ball valve

TuBore ™ series is Habonim's line of sterile ball valves for pharmaceutical, bio and food industries.

The valves comply with the ASME BPE standard for applications where sterility, cleaning and drainability are crucial to product quality. Because the TuBore ™ connections diameter is identical to the inside diameter of the tube, no expansion or contraction can occur inside the system and it is therefore possible to make full drainage and avoid contamination.

Only FDA and USP Class VI compatible polymers or elastomers are used in the TuBore ™ series

ITT - Aseptic diaphragm valves

ITT - Aseptic diaphragm valves

Revolutionary technology, seamless operation, and significant savings.

The EnviZion® valve incorporates advanced technologies that simplify the installation and maintenance process, resulting in reduced downtime, extended preventive maintenance intervals, and enhanced production capacity for manufacturers.

Featuring an innovative twist-and-mount design that requires no tools or torque, the EnviZion valve has cut valve maintenance time from 23 minutes to just 3 minutes.

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