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Nozzels for many purposes.

Large selection of nozzles for many different tasks.

Delavan nozzles are used for many different purposes ranging from rinsing apples to must production, lubricating elements with small oil droplets for cooling gas in large silos.

The nozzles are supplied as: Flat jet, full cone, hollow cone or atomizer nozzles.

In addition, there are a lot of other products such as. Adds air or other, inside or outside the nozzle, during the transport of a medium through the product.

If you want this, Delavan does a lot of special nozzle products in cooperation with our customers. Supplied as standard in brass, 304 or 316 steel but other alloys such as. super duplex, monel or hasteloy C are also available.

SDX® Nozzels for spraydrying

Delavan Unique designed high quality SDX® nozzle.

Delavan was the first to patent a revolutionary "vortex chamber" design, with a single inlet that minimizes clogging and maximizes the uniformity of nebulized particles.

This design has improved the quality of the dried product because the spiral design promotes the natural pathway of fluid, in its path towards the atomizer itself.

Delavan SDX V®

Spray drying nozzles from Delavan.

Delavan has optimized the SDX nozzle for many years and the SDX 5 is the best most compact and most effective spray drying nozzle to date.

Delavan delivers "swirlchambers" and "oriffice" in a very hard material as one is polished to an extremely clean surface roughness.

This gives a very uniform product out of the nozzle but also a very long life. Both provide a better operating economy in the end.

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