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Hydrogen H2

Hy-Lok double ferrule fittings.

Hy-Lok clamp fittings

Hy-Lok double clamp fittings that resist pressure shocks, vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

At PG Flowteknik, we offer Hy-Lok's valves and fittings made of stainless steel, suitable for a wide range of applications, including, but not limited to, hydrogen. These high-quality components are available in sizes from 2mm to 38mm (1/16" to 2"), designed to provide unmatched sealing and reliability, even under extreme conditions.

Hy-Lok stands for the highest quality products at competitive prices, making them an ideal choice for industries that demand high standards of safety and efficiency. Our selection is not limited to specific applications but is ideal for any project that requires reliable and secure fittings.



Habonim Hydrogen ballvalves

The Habonim Hydrogen ball valve series is a fully certified range of ASME B16.34 designed ball valves for Hydrogen Production, Transportation and Fueling.

The series is designed for High Pressure Hydrogen applications at working pressures of 500 bar, 550 bar, 700 bar and 1035 bar at temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius to +85 degrees Celsius.

In addition, Habonim's Industrial valve range completes the Hydrogen valve series for all Hydrogen pressure classes from Class 150 to 2500.



PG Flowteknik stores hoses in both PTFE and PFA.

PG Flowteknik stores hoses in both PTFE and PFA as can be used with Hy-Lok fittings and valves without support bush.

In addition, we supply many customer for fitted hoses in PTFE with steel braid or hoses in 100% stainless steel. We also have a wide selection of hose connectors.



Find Your Hydrogen Regulator: From Fuel Cells to Drones

Pressure-Tech has been dedicated to the field of Hydrogen for numerous years, offering a comprehensive range of regulators suitable for a variety of applications. This includes solutions for fuel cells, gas cylinders, transportation, fueling, and even drones. Our portfolio proudly includes many options that have achieved EC79/2009 certification.

If you're in need of a regulator for any hydrogen-related application, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

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