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Habonim – Pneumatiska ställdon med 4 kolvar

  • Storlekar: C15 - C75
  • Momentutgång: 10 Nm - 2600 Nm (81 in-lb -23 800 i-lb)
  • Luftförsörjning: Namur G 1/4"
  • Möjlighet till toppmontering: Namur VDI / VDE 3845
  • Ventilmontering: ISO 5211, DIN 3337
  • Kvalitetsstandarder: ISO 9001
  • Certifieringar: ATEX 94-9-EC godkänd för kategori 2
  • Andra funktioner: Rymdbesparande, snabbverkande, överlägsen korrosionsbeständighet.
  • 8-12 vårkombinationer för olika operationstryck.
  • Mindre luftförbrukning, Mindre slitage, Mycket synlig indikator och en puckflödesriktningspil.


Power-Genex Ltd. tillverkar elektro-pneumatiska ventilpositioner, pneumatiska ventilpositioner, "smarta" ventilpositioner.

Dessutom finns en mängd olika ventiltillbehör, såsom gränssnittslådor, positionssändare, luftfilterregulatorer och luftförstärkare, allt i det globala namnet: POWER-GENEX.

AV Actuators – elektriska ställdon.

Providing a range from 10Nm up to 400Nm within a compact housing, we offer options in PC+PET plastic housing as well as aluminum covers (please note that aluminum covers are currently available only for actuators up to 110Nm). AVA boasts a wide array of functionalities, including On Off, Failsafe, Modulating, Hi Speed, Modbus, Multi Turn, Timer, and more. These actuators are compatible with voltage ranges of 12VDC, 24VAC/DC, and 95-265VAC, and come with standard features like manual override using an allen key, end-of-travel confirmation, electronic torque limiting, ISO 5211 valve mounting, and an internal anti-condensation heating system.

For added reliability, our Failsafe mode operates through a super capacitor, enabling high-speed opening and closing. Other unique features include a digital encoder and an OLED screen for local control. AVA stands out in the electric valve actuator market with its exceptional accuracy, programmable settings, making it the ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you need actuators for ball valves, butterfly valves, dampers in HVAC systems, or Multi Turn actuators for gate valves, knife gate valves, or diaphragm valve applications, we have you covered.

We are continuously improving our actuators, with plans to introduce a new 1000-2000Nm actuator range and secure UL/CSA approval to better serve our USA and Canadian customers in the near future.

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